Magic List for Liberatory Learning, a reflection on Code Societies 2020

On the first day of Code Societies at the School for Poetic Computation, teacher and lead organizer Melanie Hoff prompted us: What would your speculative liberatory learning environment look like? Consider the many forms it could take: In each room a memory of something that someone learned in this room by seeing the memory of the last person in this room. A forest of learning folders where each participant is a tree and insect files carry information back and forth between them...

Responding to this prompt, I imagined a learning space in which I was relieved of the feelings of unease and discouragement I've often felt within educational institutions. My asks were small, but felt like dreams.

I revisted this list in the final week and realized that everything I'd imagined was being enacted presently in Code Societies, as if, by the very making of the list, I had cast an apotropaic spell. Maybe you can do the same.