Shea Fitzpatrick is a learner, artist, and self-taught designer whose creative practice has taken the form of abstract comics, music production, poetry chapbooks, digital collecting, punk bands, essays, animation, drawings, and social gathering.

Shea began the new year at the School for Poetic Computation as a student of Code Societies, a 3-week intensive for reorienting how we live with, connect through, and reimagine technological systems. Shea is a current member of Soft Surplus, a community and shared art space in Brooklyn, and a former participant of Crit, a part-time residency based on group critique.

Shea was raised by a librarian and lives in Brooklyn.


Two People in a Room Over Time is a sequential series of abstract Risograph prints
Stretch Breaks is a zine about computer-caused pain
These illustrations were commissioned by a biology lab
I Didn't Ask for the Habit is a comic made in Processing.js and Grasshopper
This channel is digital sketchbook of sorts
Reach was made to learn After Effects