Shea Fitzpatrick is a multidisciplinary artist, self-taught designer, and tech worker.

Shea began the new year at the School for Poetic Computation as a student of Code Societies, a 3-week intensive for reorienting how we live with, connect through, and reimagine technological systems. Shea is a current member of Soft Surplus, a community and shared art space in Brooklyn, and a former participant of Crit, a part-time residency based on group critique.

Shea was raised by a librarian and lives in Brooklyn.


Two People in a Room Over Time is a sequential series of abstract Risograph prints
Stretch Breaks is a zine about computer-caused pain
These illustrations were commissioned by a biology lab
I Didn't Ask for the Habit is a comic made in Processing.js and Grasshopper
This channel is digital sketchbook of sorts
Reach was made to learn After Effects
I made the album art for bands I've played in


magic list for liberatory learning presented at SFPC
A flute beat on Soundcloud
experimental "comics" on
queer technologies on
reading in transit on Spotify